Colombia, Finca El Mirador

elkin and i This limited release comes from a farm in the Huila region of Colombia called Finca El Mirador. In 2013, as a passionate young farmer, Elkin Guzman began working with his mom, Fanny Vargas, on her coffee farm in Colombia. He educated himself on all things coffee - from growing to cupping to making coffee - and through his quest for knowledge, he developed a new way to process coffee called Hydro-Honey. The result is a truly delicious cup. It's sweet and clean like a washed coffee. We get notes of cherry, cranberry, and sugar. Enjoy!
Colombia, Finca El Mirador
producer: Elkin Guzman altitude: 1900 meters
region: Huila, Colombia processing method: Hydro-Honey
tasting notes: Cherry, cranberry, sugar harvest date: January 2018
varietal: Castillo, Catiopia, Caturra

Peru, Chingama Valley

Peru This coffee is a product of multiple small producers in Cajamarca Peru. The country of Peru has had many challenges in coffee growing including infrastructure between farms and receiving stations/ mills. Coffee drying and storage was not always optimal and there's no coffee growing federation or organization like there is in many countries. In recent years quality has drastically increased in Peru and this coffee is perfect example. In the cup we get Honeydew, plum and clove Enjoy!!!
Peru, Chingama Valley
producer: Various altitude: 1900 meters
region: Cajamarca, Peru processing method: Washed
tasting notes: Honeydew, plum, clove harvest date: August - September 2017
varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra

Colombia, El Tambo Select

asmucafe-1 This coffee comes from the micro region of El Tambo in Cauca, Colombia. It's brought to us by ASMUCAFE. This is an organization of women farmers and landowners whose mission is to improve their families' quality of life through coffee farming, and to contribute positively to their community by working together, sharing resources, knowledge, and support. This coffee has an unusual "double" fermentation process, resulting in a sweet, clean cup with floral and orange blossom notes. Enjoy!
Colombia, El Tambo Select
producer: Various altitude: 1900 meters
region: El Tambo, Cauca processing method: Washed
tasting notes: Orange blossom harvest date: November - December 2017
varietal: Colombia, Caturra, Castillo

Brazil, Fazenda Santa Ines

Santa Ines The Sertao Group, founded by José Isidro Pereira and Nazareth Dias Pereira and now run by Luiz Paulo Isidro Pereira, has over 100 years of tradition in producing coffee in the region of Carmo De Minas. Located in the Mantiqueira mountain range, the family has exacting standards on growing and processing fine specialty coffee and wishes to be a national reference for high quality agricultural products. We've been purchasing coffee from this farm since our inception and now select our lots in person every year, at the lab in Carmo. This year's coffee is an incredible single varietal, pulp natural processed, Yellow Bourbon
Brazil, Fazenda Santa Ines
producer: Louis Paulo Diaz Pereira altitude: 900 - 1050 meters
region: Carmo de Minas processing method: Pulped Natural
tasting notes: Milk chocolate, big body, cherry harvest date: June - August 2017
varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Decaf, Huila Colombia – Sugar Cane process

guatdecaf This is a Washed coffee from Huila, Colombia that is decaffeinated using Ethel Acetate from sugar cane. EA is an organic compound found in sugar cane processing and is the most common ester in wine. This coffee has great sweetness, Meyer lemon acidity and dark cherry.
Huila, Colombia - Decaf
producer: Various altitude: 1700-2000 meters
region: Huila processing method: Washed then Sugar Cane (EA) Decaf
tasting notes: Sweet lemon, dark cherry harvest date: June - July 2106
varietal: Blend

Rude Boy

rude_rev With its feet firmly planted in the present, Rude Boy keeps one eye on the past. Muted acidity, chocolate, and lots of bass notes keep the rhythm swinging, while a heavy body keeps things grounded. Old school, but not old fashioned. Rude Boy is currently comprised of our Brazil and Colombia offerings.
Recommended Espresso Parameters
Dose: 19 grams in, 30 grams out
Temp: 199 degrees
Time: 25 seconds


trouble_rev Troublemaker is currently comprised of our Brazil, Colombia and Peru offerings. Bright citrus flavors and tropical fruit are at the forefront of our Troublemaker. Mango, stonefruit, and caramel blend to produce a clean, delicious espresso shot or a silky, aromatic cappuccino.
Recommended Espresso Parameters
Dose: 20 grams in, 34 grams out
Temp: 201 degrees
Time: 25 seconds

Cascara, El Salvador

cascara We're very excited to finally have some Cascara in house! Cascara is the skin of the coffee cherry, dried, sorted and cleaned and ready for brewing much like tea. This Cascara comes from legendary female coffee producer Aida Batlle. Aida is a long time friend of ours and has been producing coffee most of her life in El Salvador and more recently assisting other producers world wide. To brew the cascara steep 16 grams in 16 oz boiling water for 8 min. The result is a caffeinated tea like beverage with notes of cherry, cider and caramel. Enjoy!
Cascara Brewing
Dose: 18 grams, 16 oz water
Temp: 212 degrees
Time: 8 minutes