Guatemala, El Durazno

eldurazno This coffee is produced by Jose Aguilar in a place called San Sur, department of El Progreso and nestled in the Sierra de las Minas mountain range. Its a subtropical rainforest and Sierra de las Minas is the second highest non-volcanic mountain range in the country. Josue of TG Labs found this coffee through the Nueva Esperanza mill and Jose Aguilar was the first producer he called on to see about getting his cherries during harvest. Durazno means peach in spanish and the farm was named for a massive peach tree at the peak of the farm. From this offering we get Nectarine, lime and graham. Enjoy!!!
Guatemala, El Durazno
producer: Jose Aguilar altitude: 1700 meters
region: San Sur processing method: Washed
tasting notes: Nectarine, lime, graham harvest date: February 2107
varietal: San Ramon, Castillo, Bourbon

Colombia, Huila select

huila This Coffee comes from multiple producers in Huila, one of the most sought after regions in Colombia for coffee. Most producers in Colombia have a yield of 20-30 bags per harvest. On our annual sourcing trips we put lots together usually of 100+ bags. This year, in February, our green buyer was able to put a lot together from 4 of the best lots cupped from the current harvest to make our Huila Select blend. We get blood orange, lemon and brown sugar in this one. Enjoy!
Colombia, Huila Select
producer: Various altitude: 1000-2000 meters
region: Huila processing method: Washed
tasting notes: Sweet citrus, floral, sugar harvest date: January 2107
varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Costa Rica, Finca Salaca Microlot

costa This is a very exciting micro-lot coffee that comes from the Husband and Wife team of Luiz Salazar and Mari Cruz, who own and operate Monte Brisas Micro-mill and four coffee farms in the West Valley region of Costa Rica. This Coffee is Red Honey very clean and sweet. We get Lemonade, Lime and Cream. Enjoy!
Costa Rica, Finca Salaca
producer: Luiz Salazar, Mari Cruz altitude: 1700-2000 meters
region: Zarcero processing method: Red Honey
tasting notes: Lemonade, Lime, Cream harvest date: January - April 2107
varietal: Caturra and Catuai

Mexico, Finca La Victoria

mexico Martiniano Ancieto Moreno Alvarado at Finca La Victoria has been growing coffee for over a decade. On his 11 hectare farm he produces several varietals including some rust resistant ones and does fully washed as well as natural process coffees. This offering is a blend of Bourbon, Caturra, Copa de Oro, Costa Rica, Oro Azteca, Timor Hybrid and is fully washed. We taste chocolate milk, honey and slight melon. Enjoy! 
Mexico, Finca La Victoria
producer: Martiniano Ancieto Moreno Alvarado altitude: 1450 meters
region: Chiapas processing method: Washed
tasting notes: Chocolate milk, Honey, Melon harvest date: November 2016 - February 2107
varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Copa de Oro, Costa Rica, Oro Azteca, Timor Hybrid

Ethiopia, Guji - Natural

guji photo This coffee comes from the Kayon Mountain Farm in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Guji is the "zone" where the farm is located and also the name of the people who live in it. The Kayon Mountain farm is comprised of multiple families that have been growing coffee together for 30 years. This wild varietal blend boasts tons of berry fruit and citrus which this region is so well known for. 
Ethiopia, Guji - Natural
producer: Various altitude: 1900 - 2200 meters
region: Guji, Oromia processing method: Natural
tasting notes: Berries, Citrus, floral harvest date: January - February 2017
varietal: Wild

Brazil, Fazenda Santa Ines

img_6199 The Sertao Group, founded by José Isidro Pereira and Nazareth Dias Pereira and now run by Jacques Isidro Pereira has over 100 years of tradition in producing coffee in the region of Carmo De Minas. Located in the Mantiqueira mountain range, the family has exacting standards on growing and processing fine specialty coffee and wishes to be a national reference for high quality agricultural products. We've been purchasing coffee from this farm since our inception and now select our lots in person every year, at the lab in Carmo. This year's coffee is an incredible single varietal, natural processed, Yellow Bourbon
Brazil, Fazenda Santa Ines
producer: Jacques Isidro Pereira altitude: 900 - 1050 meters
region: Carmo de Minas processing method: Natural
tasting notes: Milk chocolate, apple, apricot harvest date: June - August 2016
varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Planadas Decaf, Tolima Colombia – Sugar Cane process

guatdecaf This is a Washed coffee from Tolima, Colombia that is decaffeinated using Ethel Acetate from sugar cane. EA is an organic compound found in sugar cane processing and is the most common ester in wine. This coffee has great sweetness, Meyer lemon acidity and dark cherry.
Planadas, Tolima Colombia - Decaf
producer: Various altitude: 1700-2000 meters
region: Tolima processing method: Washed then Sugar Cane (EA) Decaf
tasting notes: Sweet lemon, dark cherry harvest date: June - July 2106
varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Typica

Rude Boy

rude_rev With its feet firmly planted in the present, Rude Boy keeps one eye on the past. Muted acidity, chocolate, and lots of bass notes keep the rhythm swinging, while a heavy body keeps things grounded. Old school, but not old fashioned. Rude Boy is currently comprised of our Mexico and Colombia offerings.
Recommended Espresso Parameters
Dose: 19 grams in, 30 grams out
Temp: 199 degrees
Time: 25 seconds


trouble_rev Troublemaker is currently comprised of our Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala offerings. Bright citrus flavors and tropical fruit are at the forefront of our Troublemaker. Mango, stonefruit, and caramel blend to produce a clean, delicious espresso shot or a silky, aromatic cappuccino.
Recommended Espresso Parameters
Dose: 20 grams in, 32 grams out
Temp: 201 degrees
Time: 25 seconds