How To

There are so many ways to brew coffee. We like to keep an open mind and remember that there are no rights and wrongs here. That said, here are a few of our favorite methods and techniques.


General recommendations

Buy the best burr grinder you can. A hand-grinder can be a good low-cost choice.
Buy a scale. A digital pocket scale is fine. They are small and inexpensive and the simplest way to measure coffee accurately.
Heat your water any way you'd like, but let it rest for a bit after boiling. Shoot for around 200 degrees.
Use fresh coffee, it's more aromatic and it just taste better. Grind only what you're brewing. Store whole beans in a cool, dry place.
We love this method for home-brewing single cups. It's very simple and quick, and cleanup is a snap
  • Assemble Aeropress with paper filter and place on top of a cup.
  • Add 18 grams of coffee ground a little coarser than drip.
  • Wet grounds with 1-2 oz. of brew water. Wait about 30 seconds.
  • Fill Aeropress with brew water.
  • Insert plunger and push down slowly. Stop short of completely compacting the coffee bed.
  • Done. Total brew time: Less than a minute.
French Press
Because it's not filtered, french press brings a unique body and mouthfeel to the cup.
  • Use 1.75 grams of coffee per oz of brew water. (2 oz or coffee per 1 liter of water)
  • Add coarse ground coffee to french press.
  • Pour in brew water.
  • After 1 minute, stir to wet all grounds.
  • After a total of 4 minutes, press gently. Stop before compacting coffee bed.
  • Pour immediately into cups or a holding vessel. If left in the french press, the coffee will continue to extract and taste will suffer.
The Clever combines some of the ease of french pressing with the clean, filtered results of a drip coffee process.
  • Place a paper filter in the Clever. Rinse the filter by filling the Clever with brew water and then placing it on a vessel to drain. This step can be used to pre-heat your cup. Discard rinse water.
  • Place Clever on a flat surface.
  • Add 24 grams coffee
  • Pour in 15 oz filtered brew water at 200 F
  • Stir gently to wet all grounds.
  • After 2 minutes, place Clever on cup or other vessel to begin draining. Total drain time should be about 1 minute.
Making espresso at home or in a commercial setting is a whole other beast. Please email or call us with questions. We would be happy to give you our insights on this amazing and complicated process.

Photo by Jen Hellow